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What has become of Timothy?

‘What has become of Timothy Tuttlesmith?’ You may be asking,
‘He hasn’t posted in ages. Perhaps he has come a cropper while engaged in some ill-advised sexual activity? Or finally been arrested for his last post about kidnapping someone...?' You may be wondering.


I am merely plotting in the background, like the devious fiend I am, and working on a number of projects that shall eventually burst forth to dominate all who stand in their way (and consent to it of course). 

In no particular order these projects are:
1 - Changing my pseudonym!

While I have an enduring affection for the name Timothy Tuttlesmith it has proven to be quite marmite-y, except more widely hated. I did want my pseudonym to project a certain amount of ‘English whimsy’, but choosing a name that makes me sound simultaneously like a toddler and a mad aristocrat might have been overkill. Therefore after much maddening deliberation (I have a list of about 100 slightly less terrible names) I have settled on a new, less controversial, pseudonym, and I shall henceforth be referring to myself as:

Harry Newhouse

(I was tempted by Harry Windsor, but decided it was probably best not to pick that kind of fight with the Royal family… Plus I’m not even ginger.)

I’m currently renaming and restructuring my social media accordingly, so apologies if it all gets a bit confusing, but if you haven’t already please feel free to add me on any of the following profiles:

2 - Designing an erotic BDSM strategy card game!

This has been my big project over the last six months. It probably only took a couple of days to make the first ‘experimental’ version of the game once I had the idea, most of the time has been spent drawing about fifty illustrations for the main game cards. Below is a teaser picture of the cards, and I’ll be writing a new post soon with more details about the game. Plus I plan to release a free, unillustrated, version to download and print at home, and then maybe make a kickstarter to try and get funding. Please follow me and watch this space for more info!

3 - Editing my book to release a second edition.

So I hadn’t properly looked at my book for almost three years, then I picked it up and found myself quite embarrassed. Not by the lurid details of my sex life of course, but rather the erratic and sometimes terrible sentences I had used to describe them!

Getting my book as I want it may take a little while, so watch this space, but I hope to have something to show for it by the end of the summer.

4 - Writing new things!

As usual I have more ideas for stories than I have time to write them, but I am working on a couple of factual and a couple of fictional stories, that I hope will all be sexy as hell!

5 - Having kinky sex!

Because life is short and sex is fun. If you want to see for yourself follow me on tumblr or fetlife for my NSFW media, (which might get taken down on other platforms!)

That's all for now
Sending you all hugs and spankings
Harry (/ The kinkster formerly known as Timothy)