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The long tease...

I know I'm terrible, it's been five months since my last post where I promised a new edition of my book and an exciting new card game too. I am sorry I'm so slow, but things really have progressed! I have completed a heavily re-worked draft of my book 'So... This is Awkward', which is currently awaiting feedback from some trusted sources. In the meantime I have taken the old book down from Amazon as there were some bits in it I was really unhappy with on re-reading. Anyway hopefully its fixed now and will be re-released soon!

Things have also progressed on the 'SPANKED!' BDSM card game front too. After some testing and tweaking I should be ready to release a free 'print-your-own' -beta version soon, and setup a kick-starter (or similar) too. In the meantime please follow me for updates, and enjoy an alternative game cover image (above) that I just finished drawing!

Hugs and Spankings