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Storm in the distance - *Guest Post on Bangs & Whimpers!*

I got to do a Guest Blog Post on Bangs & Whimpers! This is my contribution:

Go check out all their other sexy stories too!

Guest post is also pasted below:

Storm in the distance

Her face is contorted as it presses against the warm glass of my apartment window. I squeeze her there naked and exposed and she squeezes me back as I move inside her. My air conditioning unit blows cold air up through our legs, buzzing and whirring with a sense of unbalanced desperation. It still can’t keep up with the heat we’re making.

As soon as I’d got her home I’d made her strip down to her bright white underwear and put both her hands on the window sill… Her ass is still warm and reddened from that spanking.

Now her hands are pressed against the glass as she tries to resist the force of me thrusting into her. I wrap my arms around her, pressing her limbs and body together into a single ball of warm flesh that’s mine for the taking.
In front of us the lights of the city are coming on. New York’s buildings are a black jumble of blunt and pointed teeth, gnawing on the backdrop of orange twilight. A million windows silently watching.

I bite her back, and then whisper in her ear;
“I want the whole world to see what a disgraceful slut you are!”

I watch the reflection of her face compressed sideways against that hard pane. Her expression is rich with emotion as it leaves a greasy smear on the glass, but the specific identity of those feelings is a mystery.

The noises she makes almost resemble crying, but I’ve learnt her sounds now and these whimpers no longer give me pause. Her list of likes, dislikes, and curiosities is printed in my mind, and my moderated brutality always brings her back for more.

In the distance the Empire State is bathed in red. The floodlights in it’s crown are warming up for the night as we sweat and fuck below. Our salute to the city.


I wake in the night to see her lying beside me, the edge of my thin white sheet just resting below her breasts. It is getting warm and muggy in my apartment now. I switched off the air con so that it didn’t keep us awake with its habitual rumbling. I have the feeling some stimulus has woken me, but, save for the breathing of the girl beside me, everything here is quiet and still.

A flash of electricity lights up my curtains, illuminating my room with a burst of bright blue. I wait for the accompanying thunder... but it never comes.

After a while there is another silent flash. The lightning storm must be too far away to hear, perhaps its electric tendrils are discharging high up over New Jersey and the thunder is dissipating in the humid night air. Lying in this quiet room it creates an odd effect, like some sort of science-fiction space battle is happening outside. Apocalyptic almost.

More electric blue flickers over the body that lies in bed with me. Her nipples seize my attention as they flash, crisp and focused, out of that fuzzy darkness.

She moves a little as she lies there sleeping.
‘What is she dreaming?’ I wonder

Perhaps she could wake up and tell me, but even if she described her dream in great detail I still wouldn’t know what it’s really like inside that sleeping head.

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