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The Time I Kidnapped a Stranger - Part 3 of 3

Final part of the story! For Part 1 click here, or for Part 2 click here.

It is an odd sensation driving a car with a person tied up in the back of it. Driving is an activity that benefits a certain amount of calm concentration, and I like to think I did a good job of focusing on the task at hand as we pulled away from Waitrose and I carefully navigated the series of roundabouts that took us out of Cirencester and into the rolling English countryside. Despite my professional focus on not crashing, or running anyone over, there was still a voice in the back of my head that was silently screaming “OMFG there’s a girl tied up in the back of your car! How the shit did this happen!”

Once on a straight stretch of road I decided some kidnappy banter was in order.

“Well someone’s in trouble now!” I said “What am I going to do with you I wonder?”

These was silence from under the sheet, so I continued “You’re going to be my little slut to play with. I’m sure you’ll make a great little fuck-toy when I get you back to mine. Once I’ve beaten you into shape a bit that is!”

The continued silence from the boot made my words feel creepier than they usually do, although I’d found gagging her really quite sexy at the time the resultant quietness made it hard to gauge if my banter was going down well, or if Alice might be developing terrifying doubts while left alone under a sheet with her thoughts.

“...So much trouble!” I trailed off

We drove along in silence for quite a while as I focused on roundabouts and slip roads and overtaking lorries on the dual carriageway. A bit of me started to worry that Alice might have fallen asleep and I feared she might react with horror on reawakening to find herself tied up in the back of a stranger's car.

“You ok back there?” I asked

I wasn’t a hundred percent sure if that was meant to be a ‘mhmm’ or a ‘hmm?’

“You ok? Not fallen asleep?”

“Mmm mmnh” came the response followed by further silence.


The journey continued without incident, I made sure I stuck to the 50 mile an hour limit while passing the Swindon police station. It would have been a very bad time to get pulled over for speeding. I was fairly sure the only law I was breaking was that my passenger wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, but it was still a situation that could take quite a lot of explaining.

Eventually I reached the Oxford bypass, almost back to my lair, then the sat nav on my phone unexpectedly told me to take the next exit. I had not been using the sat nav on my phone for long and so I had yet to develop a healthy skepticism for its advice. Rather than thinking ‘No that’s not the way to my flat’ when it advised me to turn left, I instead thought ‘Oh, this must be a new shortcut I don’t know about’ and I obeyed. I quickly found myself in the quiet suburbs of North Hinksey going in the wrong direction, and it was then that I remembered I had just told my sat nav to take me to ‘Oxford’ and not to my actual address. “Crap, just need to turn around” I muttered to myself. North Hinksey seemed surprisingly busy with traffic so I pulled off into another road, I then attempted to do a three point turn. However, the road was really quite narrow and some locals were approaching on foot. The pressure of having a poorly disguised hostage in the back of my car was starting to get to me.

Fortunately with a bit of kerb scraping I managed to escape the peaceful village of suspicious onlookers and with a burst of acceleration that I didn’t know my tiny car was capable of I rejoined the Oxford bypass. A few minutes later I calmly reversed into a parking space in front of my flat, a space that was not as private as I would have liked it to be, especially because I actually lived there and any nosy neighbours would have a clear view of which front door I was about to lead a rope bound hostage into... This kidnapping lark was a tricky business, god knows how anyone kidnaps anyone in real life. I unlocked the front door then opened my boot. I did not want to take the risk of trying to carry a tied up Alice into my flat, and potentially drop her on her face, so I untied her feet while keeping her under wraps. I untied the rope that I had fastened to the front seat, then hurriedly led her across the driveway by her bound hands and through the front door.

I locked the door behind us; at last I had her where I wanted her; hovering in my hallway not knowing what to do with herself. I led her up the stairs and into my bedroom, pulling her along by the coarse jute rope around her wrists. I could feel her wet cunt through her tights as I forced her onto my bed, leaning over her I muttered into her ear “You’re mine now slut.”

I took my time undressing her, untying her wrists first, (sadly she wasn’t wearing disposable clothes that I could cut off her body). I then tied her to the bed spread eagled and face down with her back exposed; I had promised her the belt and the belt she would get. I stood over her fully clothed and felt it’s gleeful slide through the loops of my jeans. Folding it in half I left it resting across her shoulder blades before running my hands down her back and up the slope of her delightfully smooth ass. I made the first spank a hard one and she gasped, the solitary red hand-print stood out well against her white skin, and it invited more….


Alice took her spanking like the perfect pain slut she aspired to be. My hands beat down on her ass until it was wrapped in that familiar red glow, a newly primed canvas to be painted by the heavy brush strokes of my belt. First though I thought it could use some further texturing with my flogger. The pale skin of her back and shoulders was quickly patterned with a multitude of thin red lines, lines that spelled out a subtle code in the most primitive of languages... a code that read: ‘Mine!’

Having satisfied myself with the sounds of her whimpers as my flogger did it’s stingy work I finally lifted my belt from where it had slipped to. I let the folded end of it slide gently up and down Alice’s body, watching as her blushing skin twitched in fear of its touch. I flipped the belt up into my other hand, aimed, and swiped it down with cruel intent. I was rewarded with my favourite slapping noise and its accompanying groan. I continued to beat her furiously with my belt until the bruises started to show; every good meal should be well tenderised before consumption after all.

I removed my trousers and my hard cock forced its way out of my pants. I crouched in front of where she lay, arms tied out either side of me, and taking hold of her hair I lifted her face off my sheets. After slapping her face a little I ran my thumb down to her lips and she began sucking it eagerly. Still grasping her hair I pulled her head backwards and her jaw downwards, and I slowly inserted my cock into her mouth hole. She took it in even more hungrily than my thumb.

Alice wriggled against her ropes, frustrated by her powerlessness as I vigourously fucked her face and my balls danced on her chin. My spare hand found my belt to lash her with from this new angle, just to add injury to insult. After I’d had my fun with her mouth I let her head sink back into the sheets, and ran my hands down over her abused body to find her soaking wet cunt. Sheathing myself in protection I eased myself onto the bed between her splayed legs, the rope digging into her ankles as she continued to struggle.

“Do you want me to fuck you slut?” I asked, still toying with her.
“Yes!” She groaned
“Yes Sir!” I spanked her again, a motion that was by now almost automatic.
“Yes Sir! Please fuck me Sir!” She said
I placed my right hand firmly on her shoulder as I entered her, slowly at first, yet pushing deep.
“Do you like being my little fuck toy?” I whispered in her ear
“Yes sir” she said, teeth momentarily clenching as I began to fuck her harder.
I grasped her by the hair again and then used her as I knew she wanted to be used.


It has been remarked by some that it takes me a long time to cum, but I never know what baseline I am compared to. I can’t remember how long I took with Alice, perhaps the hours of building excitement foreshortened the main performance, but I still remember being very sweaty by the end of it.

Well I say the end of it…

“What? You don’t think I’m done with do you?” I said to her as she lay there bound and exhausted. From my bag of tricks I produced a long white object with a bulbous end and a power cord… I plugged it into the wall and switched it on. Alice whimpered as she heard the sound of my magic wand vibrating frantically…

“The night is young! And there’s nowhere for you to go after all!”


The End

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