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The Time I Kidnapped a Stranger - Part 2

*Read part 1 here*

So a hot scenario might be.. We meet and have a drink, we leave and you can order me into the boot of your car, take me to your flat where you can do whatever you like but I'd love it if you could spank me and hit me with a belt or similar…

This was Alice’s message a few days before our meeting.

One slight problem with this plan was that my car was tiny and didn’t have a boot. Or at least it didn’t have a boot large enough to fit someone in without them suffering severe discomfort or permanent spinal reconfiguration. My solution was to put the back seats down to make space to tie someone up in...  

“In you get!” I said. As we both stood in that Waitrose car park and I opened the back door of my car. I held Alice’s arm and gave her a gentle push, but she didn’t need any encouragement as she clambered in, giggling. Easiest kidnapping ever.

I followed her and produced some rope from the footwell that I started to tie around her wrists. I kept looking up to scan the car park and check no one was coming to arrest me. My car really wasn’t designed for discrete kidnappings… I should invest in a white van someday, or something with tinted windows. As I was cinching the final knot to hold together her wrists I looked up to scan around again.

“Shit!” I said out loud
“What?” asked Alice
“Someone’s coming!”

Slowly but surely a dark haired lady was pushing a heavily laden shopping trolley towards the one SUV that was parked near us. This women appeared to be in her later years but was clearly fit enough to push a fully laden trolley to the most isolated corner of the car park. The side door of my car was still open so we couldn’t both hide without risking my suspiciously open-doored car attracting attention...

“You hide and I’ll try and look natural!” I said to Alice as the old lady approached.

Alice lay flat in the back of my car with various bits of rope strewn around her. I slid out of the back door and then leaned against the car casually, opening my phone and staring it intensely. Through the corner of my eye I watched across the roof of my car as the old lady slowly reached her car and opened the boot. Alice looked at me from where she lay half-bound in the back of my car, grinning and stifling her laughter. Firstly, and with time defying languidity, the old lady lifted a bag of vegetables into her boot… then some bottles of lemonade… then a collection of soup tins…

My focus remained fixedly on my phone screen.

...then some toilet paper… then some cereal boxes… then a bag of chilled goods…

I checked my emails and paced up and down a little, merely because standing still had become too awkward for me.

...then a bag of potatoes… then some bottles of red wine…

There was no way I didn’t look suspicious was there? All the lady had to do was wander over into the next parking space and peer into my back windows... But fortunately she was occupied moving an infinite number of individual items into her boot. This inefficiency was probably an unexpected outcome of the new plastic bag tax...

…then a multipack of crisps…

...and finally her trolley was empty!

“Ok she’s just taking back her trolley” I relayed to Alice who was getting bored and was trying to poke her head up from behind the front seats.
“Quick get down she’s coming back again!”

“I think she saw me...” Alice said as the lady’s car pulled away.
“Better get you out of here before she calls the cops!” I joked, a little nervously

Now we were alone again I removed Alice’s boots and tied her feet together. I tied the ropes holding her hands to the metal runners of the front passenger seat.

“Now, for the full experience shall I tape up your mouth, or do you want to be able to talk during the journey?” I asked
“Up to you.” Replied Alice
“Tape it is!”
I wrapped non-adhesive bondage tape around her mouth and head, around and around to cover the bottom of her face almost completely.
“Can you say ‘stop the car’?” I asked
“Tttrrmmmpp ddd aaaarr” was the noise that emerged
“Ok I think I can just about understand that” I said, deciding that any distressed noises she tried to make would be reason enough to pull over.

Now I had a stranger tied up and gagged in the back of my car. At this point any cars pulling up beside me or any pedestrians walking by could have easily glanced in, seen that I had a girl tied up in my car, and been rightfully alarmed. In anticipation of this problem I had brought a sheet with which to cover my victim, but unfortunately once my hostage was sheet-enshrouded it made it look like I was transporting a dead body in the back of my car instead of a live one.

Not a dead body. I promise.

Still, I decided the sheet-covered-dead-body-look still drew less attention than the tied-up-and-gagged-hostage look, and so I left her like that, got in the driver’s seat, and told my sat nav to guide me back to Oxford.

“What have you gotten yourself into?”  I said to my sheet covered hostage.

She quietly tugged on her ropes.

I calmly drove my car.


To be continued.... click here!

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