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Scrumping part 1- *fictional erotica*

While I still have plenty of real-life kinky anecdotes to share, I have felt like a change recently and so I have started writing some straight up erotica to stimulate you lovely people. This one is about a girl stealing apples! (I know right?) At the moment I have only written the start of it, so for now you'll have to fill in the ending in your filthy collective minds.


It was September in Massachusetts and the first flushes of autumn colour were beginning to show in the trees. The warmth of late summer sun had tempted Laura out of the house and onto her bicycle. Something in her heart bobbed and lifted her forward as her feet turned the pedals and propelled her down unexplored country lanes.

Laura’s red hair rippled in her slipstream as the soft air ran past her lightly freckled cheeks. Her dress was white with red polka dots. It was a poor choice for biking as it was too short, fragile, and liable to stain, but she loved it nonetheless. She could feel the warm breeze through the thin fabric and it teased her skin. Laura looked like a terrible cliché on her old style bicycle with its swept back handlebars, wicker basket, and blue paint job. She knew it and she loved it. 

Laura tring-tring-ed her bell at a perplexed chipmunk as it watched her from an embankment, and then she laughed at her own absurdity. Having escaped her regular neighbourhood her pedalling was taking her down unfamiliar lanes. These lanes ran past thick fields of maize, brick red barns and colourful woodlands that stretched away on either side like an endless rusting blanket. Eventually Laura found herself free-wheeling towards an old overgrown orchard full of trees weighed down with fruit. She was feeling a little peckish so she stopped her bike, looked around and picked an apple from a low hanging branch. As her teeth broke it’s green skin sugary juice ran down her chin; it tasted soo good, and she felt so alive in that moment beside the road with a mouth full of apple and mild perspiration gently cooling her forehead in the mid afternoon sun.

Laura had an idea; she would make an apple pie! She had never actually made an apple pie before, but there were so many delicious apples here that they practically commanded her to pick as many of them as she could carry. The prospect of apple pie served as some nebulous motive for her pilfering, the details of which she’d figure out later.

Laura hid her bike amid the shrubbery just off the road and, taking it’s basket to collect the fruit in, she plunged deeper into the orchard. She figured she’d pick fruit out of sight, just in case anyone should drive by. Laura knew that this was kind of stealing, but there were so many apples, and they’d probably just fall on the floor and go to waste anyway… 

This redhead wasn’t quite sure what impulse drove her deeper amongst those trees; there were apples everywhere, easily in reach, and yet something pushed her on; an indistinct thrill making her heart beat faster. A thin path between the grass led her deeper into the orchard. Ahead she could see a tree that stood out somehow; weighed down with dark red fruit and bathed in autumn sunlight. It beckoned her. 


Her basket was getting full as Laura snapped another firm and smooth apple from its delicate stem.
‘I should go’ She thought, realizing she had enough apples for ten pies at this point.
She reached up to pluck a final tantalizing fruit...

“Those aint your apples!” said a stern voice behind her.

The voice made Laura jump so high that she lost her grip on the basket, sending her looted fruit rolling all over the grass.

“Hiiii!” She said in a high pitched voice that did nothing to disguise her guilt.

The man who had caught her was young, but there was a rugged hardness to his features and those features stared at her with an angry disapproval that could have cut through granite. A thick stubble encased his lower jaw, his jeans were well worn, with holes that weren’t there as a fashion statement, and his dark maroon T-shirt did little to hide his muscular body.

He looked at Laura in silence while she squirmed. Finally she felt compelled to fill the vacuum with her excuses...

“There were just so many gorgeous looking apples here I thought no one would mind if I picked a few before they fell down and went to waste…”

The man’s brown eyes stared fixedly at her, while Laura’s eyes darted between him and the surrounding orchard, looking for an excuse, an escape, her hand gestures flapping like a fish caught in a net.

“I was going to make apple pie, I could make you some! Do you like apple pie?” She stammered

“Nope” came the curt reply

“Who doesn’t like apple pie?... Oh well, I’m really sorry if these are your apples, I’ll pay you for them? Or you can keep them and I’ll just leave? Does that work?” 

Laura seemed close to tears as she waited for the man to proclaim his verdict. He scratched his head, face still locked in a steely frown. Then he took a step forward. Laura stepped back and felt her wicker basket press against the back of her legs.

“You think cos you’re pretty you can just do whatever you want and get away with it don’t ya?”

“You think I’m pretty?” Replied Laura, her face lighting up with a nervous smile.

Her playful charm evaporated against his stern expression.

“I think you’re a lot of things” he replied

His eyes traced her body down and up as they stood there amidst the quiet seclusion of the apple trees. The only sounds to be heard were the humming of insects and Laura’s heart beating in her chest.

“I’m gonna give you two options.” Said the man “Option one; you can skidaddle like the cowardly little thief you are, and I better not see your tight little ass around here again…”

Laura visibly inhaled at the mention of her tight little ass.

“...Or option two you can take as many apples as you want, but first you have to let me punish you for your stealing.”

The words ‘punish you’ hit Laura’s adrenaline stretched mind like a comet. She couldn’t describe what exactly she was feeling, nor order her thoughts fast enough to make sense of them. Her eyes involuntarily flicked over the stranger’s body.

“I don’t know what kind of girl you think I am… but you’re wrong.” She mumbled

“I have no idea what kind of girl you are, except that you’re the kind who likes to take what isn’t hers.”

“If you choose punishment you can stop me whenever you like, you just won't get your apples. Stick it out and you can walk away knowing you took your punishment fair and square.”

He saw the conflict flicker in her expression and he knew he had her.

“Or you can skulk away as a failed thief, and I hope the shame will keep you awake all night… ”

Laura’s greeny-blue eyes finally held his gaze 

“Fine! Punish me!” said Laura, with a certain defensive anger that strong spoken people get when they know they’re in the wrong.

“Good choice” said the man “Now I’m gonna be rough with you, because that’s what you deserve. You may get scared, but I’m a man of my word, and if you do what you’re told you’ll walk away with all the apples you can carry”

Laura processed the words, fixed to the spot. The man picked an apple out of the grass and wiped it on his trousers. 

“Now open your mouth”

Laura slowly dropped her lower jaw, still not entirely sure what the hell she was doing. The man shoved the apple between her lips, filling the open hole. 

“Keep it there” he instructed

He moved in so close to her that she could feel the heat coming off his body. His eyes still locked on hers as he reached around behind her head and grabbed a thick fistful of her hair. His other hand slowly gathered up one of her thin little wrists as it hung beside her. She didn’t resist as he pushed it around behind her back and collected her second wrist within his grasp. Laura could feel that the skin of his hands bore the calluses and hardness of a man who worked with them for a living.

“Now walk!”

{To be continued.... For part 2 click here!