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Disturbing the neighbours part 2 (the steamy part)

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While Allie's jeans had evaporated, everything else remained in place. She leaned briefly against the door frame, perhaps attempting to strike a seductive pose, which would have worked better if her thick cardigan and spindly legs didn't make her look so top heavy.

She picked up her glass of wine and wandered over to the window.
"You do have a nice view," she commented.
"Well you're definitely enhancing it," I replied.
I joined her at the windowsill and, standing behind her, I grasped her firmly with my arm across her chest and pulled her body back against mine. I ran my spare hand up her bare leg and took a forceful hold of her cunt. My other hand moved up and locked itself around her throat. I squeezed there in that violently sexual embrace.
"Shall I bring out the chains?" I whispered in her ear.
"Mmhmm," she replied.

I walked over to the wardrobe and pulled out an innocuous looking cardboard box. I kicked it so it slid across the linoleum floor. It toppled as it hit the edge of my rug, and spilled its jangling contents by her feet. I walked back to her, took her glass of wine out of her hands and put it on the side table. Kissing her on the cheek and neck I ran my hands over her body and pulled her jumper and shirt up over her head.

"Get on your knees," I instructed.
She did as she was told.
"Put your hands behind your back."
She obeyed.
I wrapped a length of chain around her arms, around, and around, and around. Then I padlocked the two ends together, making sure they were tight enough so her hands couldn't wiggle free.
"Now you're mine to play with...
…But where to start?"

Seriously, I didn't know where to start... I was a little too excited over all the possibilities and I couldn't decide where to begin. 'Spanking,' I thought, 'let’s start with spanking... everyone loves spanking!'

I bent her head down to the floor and took my hand to the curve of her smooth white behind.
She seemed to enjoy the blows from my palm, but after a little while she complained,
"My knees hurt."
"Let’s move to the bed then," I said, grabbing her elbow to lift her up, drag her forward, and fling her face down into my mattress.

"But now you get the belt to punish your complaining!" I said, unbuckling it from my waist. Folding it in half I let fly at her bare curving flesh, and it made satisfyingly loud slapping sounds. She gasped as the blows rained down, but she didn't tell me to stop.

I worked her like that for a little while, judging from her gasps how hard to hit. I could have hit her harder... but it was only a first date after all! Finally I decided she had earned a reward, so I turned her over and stuck my hand in her panties[1], exploring her fully.

Leaning over her while doing this, my instincts got the better of me and I kissed her briefly on the lips. I quickly remembered the rules and begun to withdraw, but her lips followed mine. I pulled back anyway and gave her a playful slap in the face.
"Mmnhhh," was her only response.
I slapped her again, and then I pressed her face down hard against the mattress with my slapping hand, finger fucking her hard with my other.

"I need to go pee!" she said suddenly
"Don't judge me! You can leave my hands chained together though"


I lay on my bed listening to the muffled sound of jangling of chains coming from the bathroom as she tried to manoeuvre, followed by a flush. 'Well, I guess this date is going well,' I thought to myself.

When she returned to the bed I told her, "I'm not letting you get away from me anymore. Time to chain you down!"

I lay her on her back and began to wrap chain around her right ankle. "Oh wait. I should probably take your underwear off first!"

I hastily pulled them down and flung them onto the floor. "Now back to securing those ankles."
I wrapped and padlocked the chain around one ankle, then around several bars of my metal bed frame, then around the other ankle, where I locked the last ankle in place with a second padlock, securing her legs wide apart. I did the same with her wrists, making sure to remove her bra beforehand. The chain made loud clattering noises against the bed as I threaded it through.

After I locked her last hand in place I took a blindfold and placed it over her eyes. "Now you're completely at my mercy…" I whispered, running my hand firmly across her tits and down to her pussy, "... I can do anything I want to you and there's nothing you can do to stop me." After teasing her gently I withdrew my hand. "I'm going to let you lie there and think about that for a while…" I said, standing up off the bed.

In the darkness of her blindfold she must have heard the sound of a match being lit, and smelt the mix of sulphur and paraffin as I ignited the wick of a thick candle. She would have then heard the pad of my footsteps as I wandered away into the kitchen.

When I returned, she would have felt the mattress shift beneath her as I knelt on the bed, leaning over, pausing to let her mind imagine all the possible painful sensations she might be about to experience... any second…

Next came the sting of cold wet ice running over her nipples.

"Nnuuhh," was the noise she made as I ran the cubes down her body and over her clit.

"CLINK CLINK CLINK... CLINK CLINK CLINK." was the sound the chains made against my bed as she strained against them... but there was no getting away.

When the candle had built up a nice pool of molten wax, I scooped the half melted ice cubes off her shiny wet body, and picked up the candle, hovering it above her.

"Are you ready for a little candle wax?"
"Maybe...?" came the uncertain response.
"Now this is going to feel like it's burning, as it's quite a high temperature wax, but I've tested it on myself, and it doesn't actually burn you."
"Can you do it from high up?" she said, "last time I did this I was rolling on ecstasy, and I didn't realize I was getting burned… But if you do it from high up the wax has time to cool."
"Sure," I replied, "but this wax didn't burn me so you should be good[1]."

I held the candle high above her belly and tipped it slowly. I tipped it a little further, then a little further... then a little further... Finally a thin stream of hot wax spilled out and downwards... splashing over the bed sheets beside Allie and missing her entirely. I attempted a second pour from a little lower and this time thin drips of white wax were soon strewn all across her stomach.

"Uuunnhhh!...  MMMNNHHH!!..." she vocalised as I laced droplets across her tits and down her legs.

"CLINK CLINK CLINK... CLINK CLINK CLINK," went the chains, as she writhed, trying to escape the inescapable molten balls of near-burning heat stuck to her skin.

Occasionally when she looked in too much pain I'd run my hand through the wax, spreading it out and dissipating the heat. Solid lumps of candle were now stuck all over her skin giving it a strange bumpy texture.

"...FUUCCKK!!" she cried, as I splattered a stream of wax along her inner thigh.

"Too intense? Do you want me to stop?" I asked
"No... not quite," she replied breathlessly.

After a little more straining and waxing though she said, "Ow, can you loosen the chains on my wrists? They're really hurting."

"Sure," I said, fetching the key and un-padlocking one hand then the other. Before I could grab it the chain slid away under its own gravity.
"CLINK CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK CLINK CLINK CLUNK CLINK CLUNK CLINK CLINK CLINK...." escaping through my bed frame and onto the floor.

I retrieved it and began attaching it to her wrists again, but loosely this time. The chain was making plenty more CLUNKs and CLINKs while I adjusted it. Then suddenly a loud THUD. THUD. THUD. Echoed through the wall.

"Uh oh," I said, "sounds like we've pissed off the neighbours."

I finished re-securing her wrists as quietly as possible. Wincing at every subdued clink and clunk the chains made. I tried to think of any innocent explanation I could give for these metallic noises coming from my flat at 1 am. I drew a blank. Being a slightly considerate human, I looked around for something to cushion and silence the chains against the metal rails of the bed. My own underwear was the first thing I saw, so I wrapped it around the chains and hoped for the best.

Trying to get back in the mood I began slapping some of the wax off Allie's stomach and thighs, and whispered to her, "Are you ready to get fucked?"
"Yeess," she replied (in what may have been her mock English accent, I couldn't be sure).

Protection on I climbed between her wax covered legs, that were still spread wide by the chains. I began to fuck her, slowly at first then quickly increasing the pace up to a solid ravaging.

We were reaching a good animalistic rhythm when she gasped, "Wait, ow! Stop!"
"What is it?” I said, coming to an abrupt halt.
"The chains hurt too much. Can you untie me?"
"Just the hands?"
"No all of them, they're pulling on my ankles as you're fucking me."

I dutifully released her from her bonds, leaving the chains to hang from the bed so as not to disturb the neighbours further.

"You ok?" I asked, as she rubbed her wrists.
"Yeah, I was enjoying pulling against them up to that point."

We fondled a little, and I tried to get back into the mood but found myself struggling. Ever since I had grasped her by the window my erection had been a solid rock of inspiration, but now it had vanished without a trace. Perhaps it was feeling guilty for overdoing it and hurting its new plaything, or it was feeling embarrassed for waking up the neighbours with suspicious chain noises. Either way it stubbornly refused to return.

Defeated I snuggled with Allie under the duvet until we dozed off. Later in the night though I awoke to find things had firmly resurrected themselves with renewed enthusiasm. After some tumbling around under the covers, we fucked again, this time like regular people.


The next morning Allie showed me how to make scrambled eggs properly, (apparently you put milk and cheese in there too instead of just stirring some eggs in a pan... who knew?!). Then she left to head back for Queens. A few minutes after the door closed behind her I threw up in the toilet. I'm not sure why, it was just a thing that happened.

I hung out with Allie a few more times after that, and lived a few more good stories. We knew we were both dating other people, she’d tell me about her dates, and I’d tell her about mine. Then one day she just stopped replying to my texts, and so ended my first kinky New York romance.


A few weeks after that date I was checking my mail box on the ground floor, just like I do every day. A lady, whom I’d guess was in her early 30s, with brown hair and a vaguely annoyed looking face, came in to the mail room and stood beside me. Figuring I must be in her way I moved to the side.

"Sorry," I said, in my stereotypically English way (we like to apologise for our existence... it's a thing we do).
"Thanks," she said, unlocking the mailbox for apartment 10T.

‘Huh... I'm 10S,’ I thought, ‘that would make her my neighbour. I wonder what side of me she lives on?’

It's quite possible she also noticed the mailbox that I was checking, and figured out exactly which apartment I was in. We silently boarded the same elevator to go up to our apartments on the 10th floor. However, for some reason she pressed the button to stop at the 6th floor and got off there.

As I walked alone down the hallway to my place I checked the number of the apartment from which the angry THUDs had originated.

‘Yup. 10T. Oh well, I guess they’re not going to be my friends now!’

[1] I still really hate using the word "panties", in the UK we say pants but I fear this' may confuse American readers...

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